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WELCOME TO one of the highest Rare earth mining capacity facility

Our company holds direct authority over multiple rare earth mining sites in China and southern Asia. We take pride in the exceptional quality of our rare earth elements, which have been meticulously tested in laboratories.

Based on the latest laboratory results, our product portfolio comprises the following high-grade elements:

Cerium (Ce, Atomic # 58)
Praseodymium (pr, Atomic # 59)
Lanthanum (La, Atomic # 57)
Neodymium (Nd, Atomic # 60)
Yttrium (Y, Atomic # 39)
Samarium (Sm, Atomic # 62)
Gadolinium (Gd, Atomic # 64)
As part of the

Rare Earth
Supply Chain

As an integral part of the Rare Earth Supply Chain, Global Materials shares the same overarching goal as other participants worldwide: to contribute to a better future for mankind. 

We recognize the vital role that rare earth elements play in various industries and their potential to drive technological advancements, sustainability, and innovation. With this shared purpose, we are committed to responsibly sourcing and supplying rare earth elements while prioritizing environmental stewardship, ethical practices, and long-term sustainability.

  • Responsible Sourcing and Sustainability
  • Quality Assurance and Consistency
  • Comprehensive Range of Rare Earth Elements

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